Frederic McCabe (1831-1904) performed at the Mechanics’ Hall in Leeds during the Victorian Era.

This poster from 1874 is an example of the entertainment and design from that period. The dimensions of the poster are 57 x 36.5 cm

Originally part of the Evanion Collection formed by Henry Evans Evansion (d.1905) this highly illustrated poster was purchased by the British Library in 1895.

For six nights only. Monday, January 12th, and five following evenings … Manager and secretary, Mr. John F. Sutton. Frederic MacCabe the humorous the witty, & the whimsical, the poet true and critical, the man of the people, the ladies’ man, and everybody’s favourite, in his now universally popular entertainment of varieties, music, ventriloquism & character delineations.

Shelfmark: Evan.2650.

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