William Miles Buckingham was raised in Harehills, Leeds, but in 1915 enlisted in the army to fight in Word War 1. In 1917 he was posted to a region called Balochistan which was, at that time, part of India. William took photographs of his time in India, leaving a visual diary of the men he served alongside, the local people he met, and the extraordinary scenery by which he was surrounded.

Along with the photographs William also kept a journal of his journey from York to Mumbai. This journal records the storms and heat, the cramped conditions, food rations and strict rules of a military voyage. William’s story represents not just that of the 2,500 men onboard his boat, but the millions who sailed away from England to frontlines and frontiers all over the globe.


William left his camp at Catterick, York on 20th December 1917, arriving at the Mumbai docks on 9th February 1918. While in India he served as a driver in the Royal Garrison Artillery. William left the army in 1919 and returned home, he died in Leeds in 1926 aged 46.

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William Miles Buckingham of Harehills, Leeds, Driver in the Royal Garrison Artillery, India, First World War
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