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Our collection contains works on the History of Medicine and Pharmacy, General Surgical Texts, ‘Quack’ and Alternative Medicine, Biographical Material, Institutional Histories and Materia Medica, to name but a few.

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Our current collection can be searched on our website. All our library holdings are available for anyone to view by appointment, please email us with any enquiries or, to arrange an appointment. Items may not be removed from the the museum.

We are currently expanding our resources through contemporary collecting to address gaps in previous collecting policies, such as expanding our collections around Women’s health and Sexual Health.

One of the strengths of the collection is the wide-ranging Trade Literature section, which covers a wide geographical area as well as a wide date range (America to Japan, 1772-present). All available editions of major companies’ catalogues have been acquired, e.g. Arnold & Son (1876-1988), Down Bros. (1884 [1st ed.]-2005), Weiss (1823-1987). These are obviously useful for the identification and dating of collection items, but can also be used to illustrate how different specialties have developed and disappeared over time.


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