Quarry Music is Leeds Conservatoire’s production/library music platform (powered by MediaTracks). It is run by students for students and the graduate community, developing understanding and promoting the opportunities within the library/production music industry.

The ‘Snapshot’ album series is a yearly release, offering new composers the opportunity to have their work published as part of the Leeds Conservatoire Quarry Music catalogue within the MediaTracks library. It can then be licensed for commercial use in broadcast media, generating a professional income stream for the composers involved. A number of the tracks on Volume 1 have a journey-related theme. You can click on the link below to listen to these tracks:

Flying into Miami by Ella Barr Franco

Nightcruiser by Dafs

African Savannah by Evie Kitching

Cherry Blossom by Sam MacDonald

Unlike the majority of production music albums that focus on single composers, genres or themes, ‘Snapshot’ is a compilation that highlights the brilliant and diverse wealth of talent across all pathways and styles at the conservatoire. This break from conventional production music albums supports our student intern team in unearthing new music and nurturing relationships with multiple composers. Additionally, the album is fully mastered by conservatoire students.

Our primary function at the Leeds Conservatoire library is to support our students in their learning journey and staff in their teaching. Therefore, our resources are designed to support the wide range of music and drama subjects taught at the conservatoire, including: popular music, jazz, classical music production, folk, film music, songwriting, acting, musical theatre, dramaturgy and musical direction.

We also have an institutional archive and some special collections. These contain an eclectic mix of materials from posters and leaflets to musical manuscripts and personal diaries. Some cover the ordinary aspects of running an institution, others give an insight into the inspiration for musicians and their work.

These collections include some fascinating journeys including:
• The Max Abrams diaries and scrapbooks, detailing national and international tours;
• Ted Heath Collections: Ted Heath, renowned as Britain’s foremost big band leader after the war, created the musical piece “That Lovely Weekend” (score available within the archive) based on a poem his wife penned during an infrequent weekend they spent together amidst his wartime journeys. This composition rose to prominence during the war. The success of this song, through its royalties, provided Heath with the financial means to establish his own big band.
More information about some of our collections can be found on our archive web page (https://www.leedsconservatoire.ac.uk/student-life/jazz-archive/ ).